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martes, febrero 15, 2011

Pieces of angry insomnia

An answer is just there, in the blood that surrounds the wound, in the tears that from the eyes fall from, in the nails that scratch the wall, in the voice that cries for a little more love. Someday there will be someone that'll write the story that no one ever told; someday the ink will fill the empty hole, and you'll drown, deep you'll drown. And the life will pass in front of your eyes, and your solitude will begin to arise. Birds singing every morning will mean nothing, cause nothing will be what you'll have. Oh, then my name is just a name, just a word written in a page -cause I've run away- my face is blurt and my eyes see nothing but darkness coming from the place where I used to keep your soul, where I used to keep my dreams. We begin to wonder why some people tend to fake identities just to create love, hope, to make unsure future certanely exist; we begin to wonder why there's no more wonders, no more wonderland, no more wonderboys, no more wonderful laughs. Yes, some stars burn and no one ever cares, some planets crush and then life is spread, some people die and some people cry and some people realize time has passed and time has run out. Then it all starts again (the same tragedy). Eyes meet, flesh trembles, hearts beat harder, illusions bloom once more time. The lie -again- acts his* role in the cruellest play ever made. Again, again again and then it falls. Masks explode, dreams got killed. The neverending story, that one we miscall love. The bitter circle of human idiocy, the most repeated mistake, the mistery still unsolved.

*debería decir "its" y no "his". Sin embargo, creí interesante dejar mi error. Es curiosa mi asociación a la mentira con el posesivo masculino, a pesar de que mentira, en castellano, está marcada indisolublemente por el género femenino gracias a su terminación en /a/ y a hacer concordancia con pronombres, adjetivos, etc. de género femenino también. Encuentro fascinante la libertad del inglés en cuanto a marcas de género. Hacen posible este tipo de asociaciones lingüisticas, y estos fallidos tan significantes. El signo ¿motivado o arbitrario?

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