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viernes, octubre 01, 2010

Juego de género (o degenerado)

Andy is predominantly a diminutive version of the male given name Andrew, and variants of it such as Andreas and Andrei. The form of the variation is based on the Scottish "-ie" diminutive ending. Andrew is derived from the Greek name Andreas, meaning "man". Andy is also occasionally used as a diminutive for the female given name Andrea (or Andreya) the English, German, Portuguese, Scandinavian and Spanish feminine version of the name Andrew (although Andrea is a masculine name in Italian). It is also occasionally spelled "Andie", "Andi" or "Andee" (especially when used as a feminine name). Andy (in and of itself, not as a nickname) is the 217th most popular name in the US, with less than 0.001% of the people with this spelling of the name being female. The Indian name Anindya (meaning "one who cannot be criticised") is also sometimes shortened to Andy.

Lou is a girl name , also used as boy's name Lou. Short form of Louann. Often used in blends such as Louann, Mary Lou, Louella. The boy's name Lou, also used as girl's name Lou, is a variant of Lewis (English) and Louis (French, Old German), and the meaning of Lou is "famous warrior".

Joey is a girl name \joey\, also used as boy's name Joey, is a variant of Josephine (Hebrew), and the meaning of Joey is "Jehovah increases". When used for a boy, is a variant of Joseph.

Joey was perfect; was lovely and tender, but also violently irresistible, and that was what drove me crazy. I remember how everyone stared in front of Joey's house every morning to watch that beautiful person walk out and go slowly to the train station. I knew Joey was the most wanted one in town, but I also believed someday I would achieve what I strongly wished. But one morning, as I walked to school, I met Lou. Oh, how could I describe Lou? Well, Lou was also perfect, I won't deny it. But the perfection I'm talking about was different from Joey's. Lou was neither lovely nor tender, but definitely was gorgeous -short, a little bit skinny and increbily red haired- like black cats are, and also smart like one of them. That day changed my life: now I couldn't decide which of them I prefered the most, which heart I would try to conquer. Well, my days got more and more complicated, my choice was hard to make and other people were trying to win Lou and Joey aswell. In that state of confusion, suddenly someone (a friend, but I don't remember who specifically) introduced me Andy. Holy crap, if I was already in dobut, now I was absolutely screwed. Maybe my biggest problem was -is- that I found a lot of people perfect. Andy, of course, was no exception. Funny, dark-eyed and open-minded, Andy was everything I could expect from a lover. Now my choice was not between 2, but between 3. The three of them were different but perfect, they were not alike but I couldn't decide which one I should choose, I should pick from the table of life. After all I understood I could pick them all; eventhough love and lover seem to be alike, their meanings are not. I was not in love with Andy, Lou or Joey, and commitment was not in my plans. Neither in theirs, they were succesfull and incredibly desired by a lot. In fact, I just wanted to have a good time some night, evening, afternoon, well, sun's position actually didn't matter, what I'm trying to say is tha I just wanted to fuck. And, my god, no one can say I didn't.

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