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sábado, julio 03, 2010


It seems like I've frozen. With all that strange men around, I returned to the path of Mars. Marvellous cynicism that runs through my veins, you are to blame, and you are to blame. Our artistic lives cannot stand all that crap. Our supernatural intelligence cannot be placed in this average land. You and You believe to be more than anyone else, cause you don't belong and don't want to. Oh, and I am there with you and there with you, there with some of them, but I can't remember where I left myself. Where am I really? Can you tell me my name? No identity in my body, no feelings different than yours and yours. My existence has ended and I've been reborn several times, each one with another heart and another mind. And now I'm just one. The remains of all the girls I've been, depending on that random and foreign wishes, merge in the being I currently am. Different languajes become one. And I speak them all and speak none of them. Nothing belongs to me, except everything that belongs to you, you and you. I'm just a piece of all of you. I'm nothing.

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